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What the heck is an EVW?

In the world of science there are basically three body type classifications for human beings; they are:
 “Ectomorphs” which are slim, thin, and narrow people like Twiggy and most female movie stars w/o silicone. 
 “Mesomorphs” who are athletic, shapely, muscled, upright posture, and a little bulkier like many female tennis athletes, the Williams sisters for example. 
 “Endomorphs” flabby, soft body, round shaped, fat.  Mostly all Endomorphs would be considered obese.    BBWs fit into this category.

Let’s say you have an hourglass shape, you're thick in the hips and thighs, you are not considered a thin lady, but you're not a huge BBW either. If you didn't exercise at all and ate exactly what your body required you'll probably be a combination of a  Meso-Endomorph.  Or to put it plainly as we define it here; an EVW. 
The main reason for this website is to concentrate on women who are just EVWs.  Nothing against small women or BBWs; this is just our way of showing that there are other interests in the world. 

Over the years, EVWs have sent me literally thousands of pictures for posting in the Yahoo groups or in other forums.  Some have sent pictures requesting that their faces be blurred, and some have not. 
This website is for those who just want to be recognized and respected for what they are.

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